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18 July 2024

Medicinal Cannabis – Legal in All Australian States and New Zealand

Momentum All Australian States and Territories, and New Zealand allow for the legal use of medicinal cannabis, however personal use is still illegal across All States, and in New Zealand. The sole exception is Canberra, or the Australian Capital Territory where personal use and growing of cannabis was decriminalised in 2020, for personal possession, use […]

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16 July 2024

Medicinal Cannabis: Record 49 New Genetics Entering Australian Market

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2 July 2024

Medicinal Cannabis: Industry Collaboration Continues

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18 June 2024

Industry Leader Renews Call for Steering Committee as Canadian Authorities Back-Track

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6 June 2024

Biortica Agrimed Continues to Grow

5 June 2024

Biortica Agrimed continues Team growth

Australian Senate Parliament House

4 June 2024

Biortica Supports Senate Legislation Rejection