Biortica Agrimed is a B2B vertically-integrated multi-product medicinal cultivation enterprise.

Biortica Agrimed is Australia’s fastest growing medicinal agriculture and agricultural technology company. Headquartered in regional Victoria, Biortica Agrimed’s scope of services include:

  • Breeding and genetics catalogue via our Canadian Apollo Green facility.
  • Cultivation and horticulture across multiple glasshouses in regional NSW and Victoria; and
  • Packaging and distribution capabilities, designed specifically for medicinal cannabis customers.


n. employing living processes,
to improve the quality of
human life


n. conducting of agriculture
in a controlled & managed


n. growing of recognised
medicinal plants at scale

A leading full service breeder,
grower and producer of medicinal

Research & Development

Come chat to us and we can work together to develop your product lines; facilitating your journey through to commercialisation.

We are the right people because:

  • Largest Choice. The largest DNA sequenced genetics library in the world – own a genetic strain and have your choice of THC, CBD, terpenes and colour.
  • Protected Rights. We have DNA sequenced these strains so that if anyone tries to free-carry off your genetics, you have the DNA sequencing needed to prosecute your rights.
  • Innovation. Purpose-built labs specifically for the purpose of R&D and testing.


We have the largest cannabis cultivar library in the world to help you deliver on your position in the market. Your choice of THC, CBD, Terpenes & colour.
Browse some of our most popular cultivars below:


Your crop, grown your way.

We provide our customers complete visibility and transparency across the production process.

You can inspect your crop at anytime when you grow with Biortica.

We can host tours of your crop – giving you, your customers & investors peace of mind by physically seeing, touching, and experiencing your supply chain.

Process, Pack & Deliver

Delivery as a service.

Biortica can help you to:

  • Lower costs
  • Minimised inventories
  • Tightened timetables

Our customers are rewarded with fewer touch-points and a shortened supply chain, maximising your margins.

Tailoring our service 
to your needs.

Traditional Wholesale Supply...

We supply the product in bulk quantities and the customer is required to irradiate the flower, repackage and distribute to retailers.

...or Biortica One Touch.

Biortica cultivates, processes, packages and delivers your shelf-ready product to you and/or direct to your retailers.

Our Team

Tom Varga

Chief Executive Officer

ASX listed CEO experience. C-suite corporate experience at Macquarie Group, BlueScope & Live Group.

Matthew Turner

Chief Financial Officer

ASX listed CFO experience, with extensive start-up, scale up and finance experience.

Ben Ellerton

Chief Horticultural Officer

25+ years experience in horticulture including, tissue culture, propagation and large scale cultivation.

Simon Tolhurst

Non-Executive Chairman

Proven experience as Chairman and Non-Executive Director of a number 
of public companies, both listed (ASX:EIQ and ASX:GDM) and unlisted. Simon is an active Board member with 30+ years of experience.

Sam Feng

Non-Executive Director

Over 25 years business experience with extensive finance expertise in education and business development. Current Executive director of Play 
and Learn Education Group.

Johnny Shin

Corporate Advisor

Banking and finance executive with experience from Ord Minnett, Macquarie Bank and current Managing Director at Solomons Group. Specialist in capital markets, wealth, and asset management.

Jonathan Lee

Corporate Advisor

Over 15 years experience in Banking & Finance. Current Executive Director of Solomons Group Australia with experience at Macquarie Group, Westpac Banking Corp & Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong.

Craig Boden

Corporate Advisor

Investment banking executive with over 20 years of experience working for top Wall Street firms. Capital raising and business development experience in the US, Hong Kong, Australia, and United Kingdom.