Biortica Agrimed Continues to Grow

Australia’s largest B2B medicinal cannabis grower continues to grow – grow high quality medicinal plants… and grow its high-quality Team.

Biortica is pleased to announce the appointment of James Yodgee to the role of General Manager of Innovation & Partnership.

A Monash University graduate, James has always been a high achiever, graduating with Honours in Chemical Engineering and then from the Monash Business School with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). He has also studied Global Business Strategy at the CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) and Korea Business Strategy at Sungkyunkwan University.

Joining Cann Group in 2015 as Operations Manager, James showed he likes to work ‘hands-on’ and rose to the position of Head of Cultivation.

“Intimately knowing how to grow high quality medicinal cannabis in a commercial environment really equipped me well for my next role as Manager for Product Innovation and Development,” said James.

“James is a great fit for the Biortica Agrimed Team, driven and experienced,” said Biortica Agrimed CEO, Tom Varga.

“His almost 10 years’ experience in the medicinal cannabis industry includes, business strategy, medicinal cannabis cultivation, product innovation, process optimisation, production planning, regulatory compliance, international awareness … We want it all!” said Varga.

“If you want to build a high-quality company you need to build a high-quality Team” said Tom Varga, “Our people are Biortica’s greatest asset. We continue to assemble a top-class Team, so the Company and our Shareholders continue to enjoy high-quality outcomes.”